Spare a moment?

When was the last time you looked at your spare tire before you needed to pull over on the side of the road? 

It isn’t something we normally think about until we need it, but it should be a part of a routine inspection.  A spare tire can be the thing that gets you home late at night.  Remember to check your spare when you are heading out on the road before this holiday weekend.  It should match the tire size, rim size, and load limit as the other tires on your trailer. 

Also take a look at where your spare is located. Is it on the outside or inside of your trailer? Most of the trailers we see have spares on the outside.  When the tire isn’t in use, it is heating up, and flexing, and can dry rot much faster than we might think. Using a spare tire cover on a trailer that can’t be housed internally is a great idea. These covers aren’t very expensive and sure do beat replacing a spare tire earlier than you need to. If you have the room, an internal spare tire mount is highly effective at preventing dry rot. When mounted correctly, they don’t take up as much room as you would think.

At Allison Creek we include the spare tire check as part of our Annual Inspection, but you should certainly be looking at it more than once a year.  Send us a message & schedule your Annual Safety Inspection today. We can also replace your tires, your spare, or install an updated spare mount, on your camping, utility, hunting, boat, or horse trailer!  We do them all!

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