Protective Trailer Floor Liners

Have you looked at your trailer floor recently?  Our horses and other livestock often have to stay in the trailer for extended periods of time. Over time, the urine and manure can deteriorate the aluminum or wood floors in trailers. How do we prevent this from happening?  One way is making sure to thoroughly clean your trailer on a regular basis. This involves removing all bedding and pulling the mats to clean under them. Another way is to use a floor coating specifically designed to protect trailers from corroding.  Inspecting the floors thoroughly should be part your annual inspection, and is included if Allison Creek does your inspection.

Take a look at this gorgeous trailer floor. In this picture the wall and floor mats have been removed. We spray up the sides of the walls to prevent build up reaching bare aluminum. After the liner dried, we installed the wall mats and put the floor mats back in. This liner is designed to be used under floor mats.   

Allison Creek can perform your annual trailer inspection.  We can replace, repair, or install a protective coating on your trailer floor if it is deteriorating or already deteriorated. Interested in getting a quote or have questions? Shoot us a message today to schedule your inspection or your floor liner installation! 

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